Saturday, May 28, 2016

RECON 2016 AAR - The Patrol - Tantrapur Village (GM: Sgt. Guinness)

So finally I am able to blog Sgt. Guinness's (Jeff''s) battle.  Work and travel can really get in the way if you know what I mean.  

His game like all of the rest of the TSAF games at RECON were filled to capacity and pretty much all of the time we made room for more players.   

Here is the description from the RECON PEL:

Larry Brom Memorial Game. This game is based on the scenario "The Patrol" from Larry Brom's TSATF 2000 Scenario book. The attack by the Mad Guru's forces on the work party in the Village of Tantrapur is a very well know battle scene in this much beloved movie, it was one of Larry's most favorite movies, as it is one of mine as well. An Indian patrol commanded by three English Sergeants has been dispatched to the village of Tantrapur in a small valley in the foothills of the northern province. Two days ago telegraph communications with the Province Chief stationed there were disrupted. Your force is to investigate the cause for the interruption and undertake any necessary repairs. 

This is The Patrol scenario #17.

The forces in this battle were modified to provide for more players.

British Led Indian Forces:
Three (3) Indian Platoons each led by a Veteran Sergeant.  
One Engineering Detachment (10 men) led by a Lt.
One Indian Mountain Gun
One Indian Lancer unit.

Pathan Force:
10 units armed with knives, swords, Jezzails or Modern rifles
One Gun that would explode on a jam roll of 6.  
One (1) unit of Pathan Horse.

Here is the map taken from Larry Brom's Scenario Portfolio 2000 book available from the Sergants 3 website (

With that we have the pictures from his battle with the AAR embedded in them.  We hope you enjoy the report.

Last Stand Dan and Sgt. Guinness


TVAG said...

Outstanding! Almost like watching a movie.

Unlike the original Tantrapur, there seems to have been no chance to escape by the river, something the Brits and Ghurka's would likely have appreciated.

And where were the Lancers while the hordes of Pathans closed on the village? They evidently arrived late, but certainly not too late to get on the rear or flanks of at least one of the Pathan points of attack. The Lancers should have forced the enemy to hold units out of the attack by threatening to ride down at least one attack from behind!

If anybody makes it back, there should be an inquiry into the lack of aggressiveness by the Officer of Horse.

Too bad there was not quite enough time to see the action out to the end, but it was looking pretty bad for HM's forces that day....

Brilliant terrain, beautiful figures, and a First Class effort by the "Other Last Stand," Brother Baumal.

Wish I could have been there....


Sgt. Guinness said...

That game was big fun to prep and even more fun to run. I've run it about 10 times since the scenario booklet came out in 2000 from Sgts 3 and it comes out different every time.

Thanks for the kind words Patrick, and thanks LSD for playing in it and for posting it!
Sgt. Guinness