Saturday, May 7, 2016

RECON 2016 TSAF - With Lawrence at Shahm (Mike Lucas) and The Mine (Dwight Jones)

As I mentioned before this is the first time I went to Recon in Orlando.  I have to say that it was a great time.  We did drive it so we could take some stuff with us but it was worth it.  I met a lot of new friends that all share the same passion of Wargaming.

So they had setup a TSAF table that had back to back games all convention long.  This is similar to Recruits on how they setup the Dealers all around the tables along the walls.  Great job by the HMGS South staff.

Dwight Jones put on two TSAF scenarios in Darkest Africa called, "The Village" and "The Mine."  Both were a blast to play.  I played in The Mine where I had to personally had to kill a rampaging Elephant with Spear and Knife (Damn TSIA Action Deck).  That could have gone bad.  Dwight's games always look great and using The Sword in Africa he incorporates those sometimes evil random events.  Fun!

Mike Lucas and Bernie Chambers put on a TSAF scenario called, "With Lawerence at  Shahm." That had the Turks and Germans fighting the British and Arabs.  I was stuck with leading some Turks on the left flank.  Held on pretty well but the inevitable happened.  Both of our flanks were ready to collapse with Arab Cavalry pouring in on one flank and the Brits on the other.  Nice game and the figures painted by Bernie were beautiful!

Bill Hogan put on a very nice scenario of "San Juan Hill."  It looked great and unfortunately I didn't get to play in that one.  All of these games were maxed out on players which is great to see.  I really wanted to play in this one because I don't get to play enough Colonial battles when U.S. Forces are involved.  When I checked in it looked like the Spanish were not doing half bad.  Nice! We didn't get many pictures of this game so I apologize.

There were many other battles and if you look at the PEL you can see that.  You will find the pictures below that Jeff, Mike and I took.

So Thanks to all that played in these games and to those that purchased just about every boat I brought.  I really appreciate it.   Let's keep in touch!  Enjoy the pictures.

Last Stand Dan

Standby, I will get Jeff's, The Raid and my Nile battle posted soon.

Recon PEL

Capt. Lucas's - "With Lawerence at Shahm"

Dr. Jones: "The Mine"


Mad Guru said...

Wow, awesome pics, Dan, and nice work on the pithy captions!!! Really wish I'd been there to participate in all that wargaming goodness!

Now I am impatient to see your next post, hopefully with Sgt. Guiness's NWF game, and of course -- to top it all off -- your own Nile river war extravaganza!!! I know it takes time to put up so many pics, so no pressure, but... I hope I and the rest of your faithful followers won't have to wait too long!

Sgt. Guinness said...

Dan, It was really awesome that you and Bill drove 27 hrs each way to game and visit with us!!! We really appreciate your efforts. Our club was the beneficiary of your visit, with the pleasure of your company and with the local boys aquiring some new amazing hand made ships by you and some great hand made terrain by Bill. Thank you brother.

Those were some great battles and big fun. Dr. Jones, Capt. Lucas, and Colonel Bill all ran some great games. It would've been awesome if the Mad Guru could've been there too! Your game was the highlight for me with your great terrain and fantastic boats coupled with your Gunboat & Dhow rules variant for TSATF despite getting wiped out again! At least my Brits put a hurtin on the Turks and Germans I faced in Capt. Lucas' game.

It's true, I did loose my entire command in "The Mine" game, and I mean my entire command, to the last man! But it wasn't for a lack of scouts, it was due to abysmal dice rolling. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with my rifles or my MG. At least it didn't jam. When the natives charged in Merc "the cooler" hit me hard but his native comrade had me beat BAD. I lost every melee but one even with being in close order. Apparently the natives with spears were plus one in melee and won ties! I was But I still had big fun rolling dice and hanging with my friends.

I look forward to your reports from the rest of the battles as well Dan.

The Larry Brom Memorial TSATF gaming weekend was very well attended with every game being bursting to capacity and then some. We even had Jay Stribling and Mark Stevens come down from Jackson MI to join us just for this. We played a different TSATF or variant game every session of the con on the same table through out the weekend starting Thursday night and ending Sunday morning.

The HMGS South BOD and volunteers did another amazing job of running a fantastic con! Thank you HMGS South.

Sgt. Guinness