Thursday, September 15, 2016

Full Steam to Metemmeh! (Terrain and Rules rehearsal)

Just thought you would like to see the last dress rehearsal before all of this has to be packed up and moved to Florida (Hurricon) and Kansas City (Recruits) next week.

The final hours of laying out the terrain, cutting the foam, figuring out if this scenario will work.  This time the boats will not be on a wide piece of the Nile but a narrowing section where we have the Dervish waiting for them.  The boats will have to make a couple of tricky maneuvers to get out of this part of the rocky narrow.  Along with three British/Egyptian boat Captains and a crazy Lt. leading a landing party there will be four players.  The Dervish are divided up into the Western shore line (right side of picture) of Forts and Rifle pits, Eastern shoreline (Left side) with the same, along with a Tribe of Dervish disembarking from the docked Dhow and a Dervish gunboat taking the last shots at the boats before they try to break through.  I might if there is time run another battle the last day with the usual wide Nile for some gunboat and dhow blasting provided they are not all blown to bits.

Hope to see some of you at Hurricon.  An AAR will follow in a week, stay tuned.

Last Stand Dan

NOTE: Those hills, forts and gun pits come from Bill's Gamer Garage.

Getting the shoreline layout.
It's going to be tight, Captains be careful you don't run aground!  Stay focused while the Dervish guns are blasting you!
Packing for the dealer table
New stern and side wheelers along with some small stern wheelers for the Congo (far right).
Overall final layout


Eric Elder said...

Good luck Dan!

Sgt. Guinness said...

Travel safe brother! See you soon