Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hurricon 2016 - Col. Hogan's The Siege of Khartoum Scenario

And now the last of the three battles to save Gordon at Khartoum.  To put this all together, we have two previous battles, each effecting the next.  The two battles before Khartoum both were dervish victories which made the Anglo/Egyptian late coming to the battles.  The gunboats with the remnants of the Camel Corps only made it to the Khartoum docks at the last turn.  The dervish ended up winning all three battles, Gordon was saved but Khartoum and Metemmeh were all lost.

This battle in particular featured the Khartoum model that is part of Bill's collection.  Take a look.  And as always we neglected to take all of the pictures that would have made this AAR better.  I hope you enjoyed them anyway.  

Thanks to Bill Hogan and Mike Lucas for putting all of this on.  It was fun coordinating all the battles with Bill and Mike over phone calls and Emails.  I look forward to the next project.

Last Stand Dan

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Mad Guru said...

Wow -- an amazing epic scale series of games!!!

In a way the Anglo-Egyptian players improved on their historical predecessors, who failed to arrive until AFTER the city had fallen. Too bad for those Brit players that they couldn't do more than just save the General himself... but it's better than no success at all!