Friday, September 2, 2016

R Class Gunboat (Sternwheeler)

So its been a little while.  As we all know life has a way of managing our priorities for you.  But I was able to to get back on track and start building more boats.  One of the main reasons is that I am running a battle as part of a campaign at Hurricon this month so I thought I would take a shot at building some gunboats for the occasion.  With my new found supply of "wagon" wheels from Pegasus it makes the paddle assemblies a heck of a lot easier which you will see here.  I thought they look pretty good.

So this boat is new R Class boat.  These are my own classifications that are all illustrated so that I can build them again.  I started a multiple boat assembly process which has its own challenges but overall makes things easier to build and make changes.  And as I mentioned before as with building anything you see your design flaws or techniques so I was constantly making changes.  That was so true here.

My usual disclaimer is that these are not historical replicas.  These are boats make by a gamer for gamers.  So the ease of the things we need like detachable decks or doors, being able to mount any type of guns, overall size that still makes them maneuverable on the table, etc., are always considered.  These boats are inspired by pictures, movies and books.  So keeping with the Colonial Nile theme these are some of the latest that were constructed at the Last Stand Dockyards.

And After Action report of the battle; "Full Speed to Metemmeh!" at Hurricon, Sept 22 - 25.

Enjoy the build.  I hope to see you at Hurricon.  Stop by the dealer table to see the boats.

Last Stand Dan

Note: Forgot to mention in the pictures that the entire upper gun deck comes off to load up troops, supplies, etc.


Sgt. Guinness said...

Absolutely awesome boats! Great job. You are a machine my friend. I'm really looking forward to the Sudan mini campaign at Hurricon. I know the games and the weekend will be a blast.

Mad Guru said...


Sorry to sound like a giddy teenager but I am blown away to see my monicker providing the class-name for these 3 beautiful boats!

Though I'm not worthy, but I gratefully accept the honor!

As Sgt. Guiness says above, you are a machine my friend!

Just wish I could be there with you guys at Hurricon, which I know will be a blast indeed!


(AKA: Mad Guru)