Tuesday, September 20, 2016

World War One Bolt Action at Recruits

I just wanted to post this up for my good friend Bill of Bill's Gamer Garage.  He put this on at our club a few weeks ago for the big play test.  He will be putting this game on at Recruits this coming weekend.

Using a modified WWI variant on this professionally done board was loads of fun!  I hope you get to play it this weekend.  Definitely, visit Bill's dealer table if you get a chance.  He will have some very nice terrain features for your table.  He will also have some of my boats there as I will have some of his terrain at Recon in Orlando.

Have fun,

Last Stand Dan


William Daniel said...


Thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sgt. Guinness said...

Wow, awesome board!!!! Did Bill make it himself????


William Daniel said...


Yes I did

William Daniel said...


The layout is 4 ft wide and 10 ft long.The layout give you 2 boards of no man's land and 3 trench lines to storm. Each of the five boards is mounted on
a Torsion box, So they wont warp. Each Geomorphic board has a 1 inch deep foam layer to give the trench depth.

All the trenches have duck boarding and sandbags. Each board has a series of inlaid terrain pieces that can be swapped out to add variety to the terrain. I have craters, Burn out woods, Open spaces, rubble piles, Wreaked planes and ruined buildings.


Mad Guru said...

Holy mackerel, Bill, that's an amazing layout!!!

Thanks for posting all those pics, Dan!