Thursday, May 11, 2017

Recon 2017 - Bombardment in the Sudan (Gunboat Action)

This is the first of two battles I put on at Recon 2017 in Orlando last week.  The setup was easy thanks to some excellent terrain features by Bill's Gamer Garage.  The boats are from the Last Stand Dan Boatyard.  Three B Class Sidewheelers armed with a Heavy and Medium gun fore and aft.  And the infamous and unlucky stern wheeler Giza commanded by now legendary Captain Lucas.  All had a handful of Royal Marines.  

So the scenario is actually laid out below on the scenario sheet that was handed to all.  The one page sheet was meant to have most of what you need to play the battle except for the individual Boat Data sheets.  

The Dervish had two shoreline batteries which turned out to be very deadly.  They also had two Dhows loaded with warriors and two gunboats of their own.  All of the Dervish Commanders, Emirs' Andy, Bill and Robert played very well holding their own and stopping the British advance although losing the final tally.  The British attack started out well but didn't really develop as well as they had planned.

If didn't help when early on the Giza took a serious hit which almost sank her and then another hit by Dervish gunboats and shore guns that took out her main gun and finally put her down.  Captain Jones and Hogan received honorable mention taking out dervish guns and protecting and saving the Giza crew.  British Captain Bill on the left flank took on and sank two dhows and a gunboat after repelling two Dhows from boarding and fighting off Emir Andy's Gunboat boarding attempt.  It was a short bloody affair where the Royal Marines killed and wounded all of the boarders then cutting the lines as the gunboat sank.  

With that last action the British scored the last victory points although the mission was not totally a success.  

The Dervish sank the Giza for 16 points where the British scored six points for the three guns, 8 points for the two Dhows and 8 points for the one gunboat.  Final score was 18 to 16.  One of those unexpected mixed up victory results.  Yes the British scored the points but no the Channel is not clear of a Dervish gunboat and a full battery to the South.  

Hopefully you will be able to read the scenario and the Victory points off the sheet.  I think everyone had a good time.

If there are any questions please let me know!

The pictures have some of the story in them.  

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Great figures, terrain and vessels!
Good looking game too well done!