Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Gunboat & Dhow! (G&D!) - Hurricon 2018

So here was the second battle I put on Saturday morning at Hurricon.  Another great time gaming.

Within this blog you will see us using a new gunboat rules set called Gunboat & Dhow! by Jeff Baumal and myself.  We have a few things we need to do to officially publish them and we are getting close to having that done.  I already have many requests for this basic 1st Edition.  There will be more to follow and we will announce as soon as we get what we need to get done. You might have already played earlier versions at Colonial Barracks, Recon, Hurricon, South Florida Gamers or at the Colorado Military Historian club.  So thank you so much for your interest and I think you will enjoy them.  This AAR has a few explanations on what is going on in the battle as it relates to the rules.  So bear with me.

Scenario Brief
This is of course a fictional battle that is related to the Ginnis battle I previously blogged.  The premise was that the dervish were trying to cut off or at least delay the British support of the Ginnis evacuation.  As you know the Mahdi has been dead many months before December 1885 and the British were going home.  They kept many strategic strong points along the Nile and the battle at Ginnis was part of the last of these strong points being vacated.  So I created this scenario for a very powerful British flotilla to fight its way up the Nile.

If you read my other scenarios I use the Egyptians as traitors, or just going with the Mahdist movement to provide the dervish forces a little more punch.  This gives them some trained gun crews, guns, captured boats of all types, etc. This makes the scenario's more interesting and not completely unreasonable if you have read about how messy things were during this period.

As we all know,  on the tabletop things don't always work out the way they "should" now do they?  Like that last battle of Ginnis we played.  So with that said this battle should work out for the British without too much trouble but things can always get out of hand!  Let's hope the British Captains know what they are doing.  Enjoy the battle.

Last Stand Dan

Note: All the boats used in this scenario can be found at laststanddan.com.  I wanted to mention that various guns, hatches, doors, fire markers, terrain and figures used in my scenarios come from: TVAG, Reviersco, Eureka, Perry, Old Glory, Bud's blast markers, Bills Gamers Garage and Askari.


Pat G said...

Those boats are superb - well done sir!

Sgt. Guinness said...

Another great report LSD! I like how you explained nuances our rules all the while providing an entertaining AAR and showing off several of your great boat designs all at the same time. Bravo sir, well done, Sterling work.

Brent Knoll said...

I hardly wait to get a set of these rules sound fun

Daniel Gurule said...

Thanks. I always love this part of our great hobby, sharing reports and ideas. We should have those rules out very soon! Thanks for your patience.